Levering the film and new media business resources of our substantial shareholders–Huayi Brothers and Tencent–we are able to invest, develop, and operate offline and online cultural and new media businesses in home and abroad.

In view of the recent successes of Hollywood films and animation productions featuring Chinese cultural elements, Huayi Tencent Entertainment has invested in a number of films and animation production projects to create new films that more fully demonstrate the excellence and spirit of traditional Chinese culture. The Company is also working on including more Chinese talents in its Hollywood projects, “Rock Dog” was directed by Ash Brannon, who led a number of animation projects including: “Toy Story 2,” “Free Birds,” and “Surf’s Up”. The film is scheduled to distribute in North America featuring over 2,000 screens by Lion Gate Entertainment (NYSE:LGF) in February 2017.

Huayi Tencent Entertainment has entered into a film production cooperation agreement with China Lion Entertainment Production Inc in the United States. Huayi Tencent Entertainment will invest 10 film projects produced and distributed by the China Lion over the future five years.