Huayi Tencent also operates a one-stop O2O health management solutions platform in China, which includes “Kangxun Xuetang” a-cloud-based health management service platform.

The Kangxun Xuetang platform is supported by advanced cloud technologies as well as a professional team of registered general medical practitioners, providing professional and tailored online health management services to consumers, especially focusing on management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Users may log in using their Kangxun Xuetang accounts via a mobile phone app—available for both iOS and Android operating systems–to collect health data and establish medical history archives. The platform helps users develop their own health plans, and provides online health advisory and health data tracking services so that users receive comprehensive health maintenance service. As of the end of 2015, registered users of Kangxun Xuetang has exceeded 400,000.

“Beijing Bayhood No. 9 Club,” a healthcare and wellness centre, is one of the top green health clubs in China. The club comprises a comprehensive range of facilities, including an 18-hole golf course, lakeside golf course private VIP rooms, a spa facility, and Asia’s first PGA-branded golf academy.