Through international merge and acquisitions of high quality film companies, Huayi Tencent Entertainment extends its internet entertainment, online and offline culture, and new media businesses to robust markets such as U.S. and Korea. Huayi Tencent Entertainment is currently in the process of acquiring a few such production houses. On 23 March 2016, the Company announced its proposal to invest in Korea’s HB Entertainment, as part of its a first step in building its global presence. The acquisition was completed in August 2016.

HB Entertainment

HB Entertainment is engaged in the production of and investment in movies and TV drama series, as well as the provision of artist management and agency services. Popular TV drama series produced by HB Entertainment include Yong Pal (龍八夷) (2015), You’re All Surrounded (你們被包圍了), My Love from the Star (來自星星的你), Cinderella and Four Knights (灰姑娘與四騎士), The K2, etc. Ji Jin-Hee (池珍熙), Ahn Jae-Hyeon (安宰賢), and Shin Seongrok (申成祿) are among some of the artists currently managed by HB Entertainment. HB Entertainment won Global Management Award, while its actor Ahn Jae- Hyeon won Global Star and Best Actor, Top Excellence Award at the 2016 Korea Drama Awards. HB Entertainment also owns certain intellectual property rights of the TV drama series, “My Love from the Star”(來自星星的你).

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