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Huayi Tencent Entertainment Company Limited (Stock Code: 00419.HK) conducts businesses in two segments namely Healthcare and Entertainment and Media. The Group’s Healthcare business focuses on 1) healthcare service platforms, "Echartnow" and "Meerkat Health", providing a series of online healthcare services and striving to build a internet healthcare platform ecosystem; 2) the operation of “Bayhood No. 9 Club”, one of the top green health clubs in the PRC with well-equipped facilities such as a standard golf course, spa facilities as well as food-and-beverages-related business to offer professional and excellent healthcare and wellness services. In respect to the Entertainment and Media business, the Group produces quality international films, animations, and TV dramas, and invests in international entertainment companies through M&As and resource integration, aimed at building an integrated platform with both content development and online-to-offline entertainment channels.