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Internet Healthcare
The Group has resolutely implemented its strategic layout in the areas of internet pharmaceutical and healthcare services in the PRC, whose market has the biggest potential of growth in the world. Thanks to a string of reforms carried out by the Government of the PRC in the field, the industry is now on the highway to digitalization. In April 2021, the Group has acquired “Echartnow”, a new retail platform for online prescription, circulation and marketing of pharmaceutical products. In October 2021, together with industry elites, the Group has formed a joint venture “Meerkat Health” which, with effective combination of the industrial internet and the consumer internet, focuses on health management and covers products and services such as the circulation platform for the pharmaceutical supply chain, the service platform for healthcare services users and the system for digitized medical products. Through the aforementioned moves, the Group has formally set foot in the internet healthcare market and has been actively seizing the ‘‘first mover’’ advantage. The Group is realising its goal of diversified development by further enriching its operations in healthcare and wellness services.
Online prescription, circulation and marketing of pharmaceutical products (“Echartnow” Platform)
The team size of “Echartnow” platform had expanded rapidly from a dozen at April 2021 to almost 200 by the end of 2021. 9 operation centers have been established across the country and its business now covers 23 provinces. “Echartnow” platform dedicates itself to the establishment of an integrated healthcare platform which covers different users of the industry and offers them different “digitized enterprise operation solutions”:
  • Pharmaceutical companies — digitized marketing solutions
  • Physical pharmacies — professional digitized pharmacy solutions, facilitating the pharmacies to get connected with doctors and patients
  • Doctors — closed-loop online consultation scene, including management of patients and electronic prescription, etc.
  • Patients — they can now approach a doctor easily for online follow-up appointment and consultation and order of prescribed drugs, etc. via the WeChat mini-app "Echartnow Assistant to Medical Advice"
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Internet healthcare management platform (“Meerkat Health” Platform)
The enterprise mission of “Meerkat Health” is “to be the expert in safeguarding the health of your family”. It continues to make its mark in the pan-health industry with a forward-looking business strategy and is devoted to effectively combine the industrial internet and consumer internet in the healthcare management industry. Since its commencement in the second half of 2021, “Meerkat Health” has expanded rapidly. As at the end of 2021, its team consists of more than 70 staff and has successfully developed:
  • nationwide platform for supply chain of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, covering omnichannel drugs, medical equipment, dietary supplements, nourishing products and other health-related products;
  • platform for internet healthcare services, namely ‘‘Meng Xiao Mei’’, offering services such as online consultation, science knowledge and appointments for vaccination, as well as appointment for body check, health check at home, etc.
  • ‘‘Galaxy’’ system for digitized medical products, including digitized management system for specialist clinics, full-life-cycle health management system, system for internet hospitals, etc.
“Meerkat Health” has reached agreement for strategic collaboration with a famous Grade A tertiary hospital with an aim to explore the new model of “internet + healthcare services”. “Galaxy” system for digitized medical product is already in use in the body check center of that Grade A tertiary hospital, helping it accomplishing upgrade of its digitization.
Following the successful development of the relevant products and services, the Group expects that the operating revenue of “Meerkat Health” in 2022 will record a drastic growth.
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